Software To Calculate Least Cost Charge Mix

  • OPTIMIX is an ingenious software developed exclusively for melt shops which allow our customers to psave cost literally going into smoke.

  • The software is developed based on Mathematical Programming that uses an algorithm to calculate Least Cost Charge Recipe possible with raw materials available in your foundry, for the given target chemistry for desired metal grade.

  • Charge Mix Simulator.
  • Multiple Furnaces configuration.
  • Constraints Configuration Module.
  • Consideration of Heel (Metal Back to Furnace) in Charge Mix Calculation
  • Inventory Integration (Batch-wise Option Available).
  • Integration with other ERP/Softwares (Excel/API)What-If Analysis Reports
  • Alloy addition calculates real-time alloy calculation required to achieve target chemistry on click which saves time and hence the power cost.

  • If running sample spectro result exeeds the aim chemistry (case of dilution) then software will give you pour-off / ingot weight and will compute material required to be added to meet the aim.

  • Calculates Real-Time Alloy addition (lowest cost).
  • Spectro integration.
  • Calculates Liquid Material Required to pour-off(ingot) in Case of Dilution.
  • Save power cost by reducing calculation time
  • Based on the pending work orders, Optimix calculates raw material required for production. Software will produce the Bill of Quantity required based on the current prices using the same algorithm which it uses to calulate Least Cost Charge Mix resulting in huge cost saving.

  • Usually, in foundries people tend to stock the inventory which some times we do not need on immidiate basis but might require after some period of time. this feature of Optimix helps user from getting their money blocked in the inventory which keeps lying on the floor.

    • User can run the algorithm with consideration of inventory available on the floor and algorithm will provide the charge mix based on that.

    • For the foundries which keep their inventory batch wise, optimix will consider batch wise inventory and recovery to calculate least cost charge mix.

    • Optimix also gives their user to control over the usage of their inventory by configuring FIFO , LIFO method. For those who use some material in whole unit (For Example ingots) option to consume whole unit is available and the software will give the charge mix recipe accordingly.

    • Sometimes, to achieve the desired mechanical properties, achieving only the targeted chemical properties is not sufficient. In addition to that we are also required to maintain some euivalents such as Carbon equivalent , Nickle equivalent , chrome equivalent etc.

    • With formulae configuration module, user can define any number of mathematical equations / formulae of linear nature and define limits.

    • User can apply any number of pre configured formulae to any of the metal grade. At the time of calculating least cost charge mix as well as alloy addition, our algorithm will not only try to achieve the aim chemistry for given element but it will give the result which also satisfy the formulae.


    Cost Savings.

    Lowest Cost Charge Mix Recipe Mathematically Possible.


    Fast ROI.

    Gives Faster ROI on Material.


    Feel Confident.

    Feel Confident Using Low Cost Scrap Available.

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